Wild herbs, fragrant blossoms

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In August, children can enjoy many surprises during an excursion through the meadows and gardens of the Glentleiten Open-Air Museum with Elfie Courtenay. The herbs growing there are just healthy: they also have exquisite tastes. Young visitors decorate the sandwiches in their lunch packs with herbs and blossoms they have collected themselves. Here, they can let their imagination run wild. The creative lunch is topped off with homemade herbal lemonade. Delectably delicious!


Elfie Courtenay discovered her love of nature, especially of wild herbs, in early childhood. From 2003 to 2005, she trained to be a nature and landscape expert as well as an herbal education specialist and, in addition, completed training as a museum guide at the Glentleiten Open-Air Museum in Großweil near Murnau. There, she now offers courses dealing with wild herbs and medicinal herbs for children and adults in addition to guided tours. Beyond that, she offers numerous excursions into the world of herbs along with meditative hikes in the Blue Land. In 2012, her book with the most beautiful herbal hikes in the Upper Bavarian foothills titled "Die schönsten Kräuterwanderungen im Oberbayerischen Alpenvorland" was published by J. Berg Verlag München. It is available in German in our shop.


  • Meeting point: Museumskasse (cash counter) of the Glentleiten Open-Air Museum, Großweil
  • Tour fee: EUR 7 children age 6 and over; EUR 5 children up to age 6 (incl. admission and tasting)
  • Number of participants: max. 10 children
  • Gear: sturdy footwear, sun and rain protection, beverages
  • Registration up to one week before the workshop: Freilichtmuseum Glentleiten in the district of Upper Bavaria

You can obtain information on the programme and dates directly on Elfie Courtenay's website and that of the Glentleiten Open-Air Museum or in our Calendar of Events (only available in German).

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