Bicycle rental & charging stations

If you wish to avoid the inconvenience of transporting your own bicycle or don't own a suitable bicycle for this trip, you can rent anything from an electric bicycle to a mountain bike for a reasonable price at one of the numerous bike rental shops in Murnau and the surrounding towns. This way, you can conveniently enjoy one of the magnificent bicycle rides in the Blue Land. You can obtain detailed information at any of the shops.

Bicycles can be taken on the train throughout the year (for a charge) within the county of Garmisch-Partenkirchen – from Mittenwald to Tutzing and from Murnau to Oberammergau. The regional trains have special bicycle compartments. These have limited space so that the number of bicycles that can be taken on board is also limited.

Bicycle rental in the Blue Land 

There are free-of-charge charging stations for electric bikes throughout the Blue Land. The following overview shows you where the stations are located:


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