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Murnau on the Staffelsee Lake boasts a theatre scene that is as diverse as it is vibrant. Whether it be classic folk plays or contemporary pieces, there is something for every taste all-year round. And the Theaterfestival Murnau is one outstanding jewel in the repertoire of the theatre folk. You'll find event dates of the various companies in our Calendar of Events.

Calendar of Events

Freies Theater Murnau e.V. (local outdoor theatrical group)

Amateur actors have been performing famous plays on local stages since 2005. Always dedicated and continuously striving to surpass themselves, these amateurs are now permanent big names in the theatrical scene. And what was originally planned to be just a one-off, has now developed into a great popular success. For example, national and international film and theatre directors have realised their artistic visions with Freies Theater Murnau, including the Austrian theatre and radio play director and scriptwriter, Felix Mitterer.

Original Murnauer Bauerntheater (“farmers' theater”)

The Original Murnauer Bauerntheater is a fixed feature of the cultural and entertainment scene on offer to guests and locals alike in Murnau on the Staffelsee lake. Amateur performers have been staging folk plays by well-known local poets and authors since 1902. A frequently used tactic here are the side-swipes uttered in satirising the idiosyncrasies of the characters. These pieces are played out in a generally easily understandable Bavarian dialect.

Volksbühne am Staffelsee e.V. (Staffelsee Volk’s Theatre)

The Volksbühne am Staffelsee e.V. has been entertaining audiences with its folk plays since 1998. The amateur performers bring a true passion for detail in epitomising the highly diverse range of characters. Every year they stage a piece to the immense pleasure of locals and guests alike. These pieces are played out in a generally easily understandable Bavarian dialect.


Murnau Theatre Festival

A festival of the theatrical arts awaits you during this biennial event hosted in Murnau. The Theaterfestival Murnau unveils the rich variety of the theatrical world, and in doing so has developed itself into a platform for creative types with a love of the stage. The festival is organised by the Freies Theater Murnau.



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