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Every year, on 6th of November, the horses are decorated and the wagons bearing the brass bands, altar boys, marksman clubs and folkloric costume clubs are adorned with flowers and Christian motifs. All of this ado is in preparation for the traditional horse pilgrimage from Murnau a. Staffelsee to the neighbouring village of Froschhausen – the Leonhardifahrt, a procession on horseback.

It is doubtlessly one of the most impressive and richest in tradition anywhere in the Bavarian Oberland region. More than 300 festively decorated horses, 65 wagons and eight carriages form a colourful procession. The members of the local clubs have donned their holiday attire. They line up in the procession, as do the steeds of the Schwaiganger Bavarian Main Stud Farm and State Stud Farm.

Their destination is the St. Leonhard Rococo church in the district of Froschhausen. There the clergyman of the small community blesses the horses, before the steeds and riders gather for the subsequent nearby outdoor mass in honour of St. Leonard. The saint who originally only protected prisoners later also became the patron saint for those praying for help as well as for oxen, cows and horses. This is depicted in the votive images in the St. Leonhard Church in Froschhausen.


9:00 AM Start of the Leonhardi procession from Murnau to Froschhausen, followed by blessing of the horses, an outdoor mass and a Weißwurst brunch with Bavarian white sausages, pretzels and beer on the grass in front of the St. Leonhard Church.
10:00 AM Leonhardi Market in Murnau
8:00 PM Leonhardi Dance at the Kultur- und Tagungszentrum Murnau (Culture and Convention Centre of Murnau)


On the following Sunday, the shops are open from 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM for the "November Market". You can also find all the relevant information in our Calendar of Events (only available in German).

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