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Fests are held around the Staffelsee Lake in June and July. Here, locals and visitors celebrate, dance and make music. The Seefeste (Lake Fests) have kept their authenticity: Here, you can enjoy barbecued meat, a fresh Maß (litre glass) of beer, Bavarian brass music and dances performed by the local clubs for traditional costumes. The Lake Fests are popular among visitors and locals alike. In the end, all you need to do is decide whether you want to get up and join in the dancing yourself or simply sit back and enjoy the unforgettable view and atmosphere when the sun goes down over the lake. Once night has set in, colourful fireworks and hundreds of small lanterns on little boats scattered over the Staffelsee Lake create an impressive backdrop.

The traditional Fischerstechen (Fishermen's Jousting) has been taking place in the village of Seehausen since 1985. It was first held at the end of the 19th century. Every year, on 15 August (Assumption of Mary), 24 young men from the village compete to determine the Fishermen's King. Two boats are lengthened by using boards, on the end of which the competitors stand. Armed with lances, they try to cause their opponent to fall into the water. This is great fun, both for the spectators and the participants.

You can find information on the Seefeste (Lake Fests) and when they take place in our Calendar of Events and on the websites of the villages of Seehausen and Uffing a. Staffelsee.

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