King Ludwig II

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Every year, the local traditional costume clubs of Murnau serenade King Ludwig II at his monument on his birthday. However, the construction of the monument was the conclusion to a story that had begun long before that:

When the king had his horses changed in Murnau on the way from Munich to Linderhof, he took advantage of the stopover to have the postmistress serve him an omelette. It must have been a very special, indeed royal omelette for a pampered palate, and that is what he wanted every time he came to Murnau. When his carriage passed over the ridge, which today bears the name Ludwigshöhe, an idea appeared to unfold inside of him: The Wörth Island in the Staffelsee Lake might be large enough for him to build a castle there, similar to the one in Versailles. He discussed this with Postmaster Bayerlacher and tried to win the owners of the island over for the cause. But to no avail. The island did not change hands and Ludwig was quite upset. He would not be able to make his architectural fantasies come true here.

After his death, Bayerlacher an avid admirer of the king, commissioned the famous sculptor in Munich, Prof. Hauptmann, to create a bust. It was designed to show the king together with two bronze lions made by the Liebhaber foundry. The bust was the first monument of King Ludwig II in all of Bavaria. Thousands of visitors and associations attended the inauguration in Murnau in 1894, testifying to King Ludwig II's great popularity. Bayerlacher was also held in high esteem as the initiator of this cult of admiration. Today, the great-grandson of the remarkable Bayerlacher family runs the Post Hotel in Murnau. Visitors to the hotel are able to view the showcase containing souvenirs of Bavaria's fairy tale king.

Every year, the serenade of the Murnau Trachten-Erhaltungsverein, the local club for the preservation of traditional costumes, takes place at the King's monument, just across from the Culture and Convention Centre of Murnau, on the weekend of his birthday. Afterwards, the guests can dance to classic Bavarian melodies. You can find the exact date in our Calendar of Events (only available in German).

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