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There is no shortage of cultural events available for children in Murnau on the Staffelsee Lake: Theatre, including puppet theatre, guided tours of the peat bog and the museums, as well as special workshops, in which the young ones can express their creativity. The sheer fun is built-in, so to speak.

Dates can also be found in our Calendar of Events.

Calendar of Events


Aside from Farmer Sepp's puppet theatre open all-year round in the Schöffau, Murnau features many theatrical performances aimed at children. These stories and plays are always tenderly staged to enchant their young audiences. An experience for both the young and the old. Information is available in our Calendar of Events.


Farmer Sepp’s fairy tale stage

Farmer Sepp treats his young audience to beautiful, self-penned stories. They tell of enchanted princesses, little rabbits and fun-loving donkeys.


Whether accompanied by their parents/grandparents or on their own, children and young people can set off on their very personal voyage of discovery in the museums in and around Murnau. Whatever their interests, every child of every age will find something to entrance their senses. It's not about relating abstract information here, but rather inviting young people to make their own discoveries and experiences.


Freilichtmuseum (open-air museum) of Glentleiten

Children will embark on a voyage of discovery at the Freilichtmuseum of Glentleiten. Visitors will travel through time, learning about the old customs and rural life in a playful, fun way.


Schloßmuseum Murnau, the museum in a castle

Colourful paintings and mysterious puzzles – the Castle Museum's educational programme gives the little ones a glimpse into the world of art.


Out-of-doors, straight into nature. Murnau has a wide-ranging programme of children's events: Excursions and workshops invite youngsters to experience nature at first hand. The educational aspect includes ecological interactions, investigating the flora and fauna and well as hearing some eerie stories that are centuries old. But don't fret, because the fun is never in short supply!


Herb Workshop

Meadow flowers certainly look pretty in a vase, but they can also enhance many a lunchtime meal. And they are good for us too, as children visiting Elfie Courtenay will be quick to learn.


Moor & more!

When your little ones go off searching for the peat bog spirit, they are exploring some quite unique nature: the Murnauer Moos peat bog, a habitat to rare species of animals and plants.


Creative minds need their (free) space. And children will find it aplenty in Murnau on the Staffelsee Lake with painting, handicrafts and making things. The programme on offer is truly varied and enables children to realise their ideas independently, while under the guidance of an instructor. This allows children to be creative, while also getting more inspiration for their ideas.


Kreativwerkstatt Murnau (creative workshop)

Children are taught through play how to handle tools and different materials, as well as how to solve tasks in a self-reliant and creative manner – in workshops or together with their families.


Painting, handicrafts, making things

Learning and directly applying various techniques. Silke Lühr provides a place for children to be creative through play. The fun comes automatically.


Schloßwerkstatt (castle workshop)

Children experiment various materials and techniques as they playfully delve into the world of art. The castle workshop has so much to discover and learn.



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