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In the region where the painters of the Blue Rider movement made their legendary discovery of colour, the Christmas season is an unforgettable experience. Thousands of lights illuminate the snow-covered town. Festively decorated Christmas trees, streets and shops create a dreamland setting. The scents of gingerbread, roasted almonds and spiced wine fill the pedestrian zone and side streets.

Christmas tunes ring through the air. You will find Christkindl Christmas markets in Murnau and the surrounding towns that are noticeably different from those in the cities. In their booths, you will find mostly handmade decorations, exquisite delicacies and gifts to buy. Their quality and loving details make them stand out from the mass articles found elsewhere.

At the Freilichtmuseum (open-air museum) of Glentleiten on the first weekend of Advent, you can even watch the artists and craftsmen while they create their original gifts. Small groups of musicians play Upper Bavarian medleys that invite you to sing along and the young visitors are already waiting for St. Nicholas. At the museum in a castle, the Schloßmuseum Murnau, children can try their hand at all sorts of handicrafts while their parents do their Christmas shopping without the children seeing what might end up under the Christmas tree!

You can also feel the Christmas spirit when music groups and choirs from Murnau sing and play in the Catholic church, Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus, on all four Sundays of Advent. On the 4th Sunday, the traditional Christmas Carol singing of the Staffelsee choir and the youth and brass orchestra takes place in front of the Castle Museum after the evening mass. It is the festive highlight of the Advent season.


  • Christkindl Christmas Market of the Hobby Artists
    at the Kultur- und Tagungszentrum Murnau / Culture and Convention Centre of Murnau, on the first weekend of Advent (all day)

  • Christmas Market of the Clubs
    in the Murnau pedestrian zone, on the 3rd weekend of Advent, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

You can also find information on the Christmas markets and when they take place in our Calendar of Events (only available in German).

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