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The brewery trade forms an integral part of life in Bavaria. It is also forms part of Bavaria's image in Germany and abroad. However, this traditional craft has become more than just a source of livelihood. This is fittingly shown by the local breweries in Murnau: the Griesbräu Brewery and the Karg Hefeweizen Brewery.

Both brewing masters have their own specialities: while one specialises in Hefeweizen (also known as Weißbier), the other produces extraordinary seasonal creations. Franz Schubert und Michael Gilg can look back on a long family tradition of brewing. At the same time, though, they have each followed different directions, thereby promoting an essential characteristic of beer: its diversity.

In the Karg Brewery, the golden amber nectar has been bubbling out of taps since 1980. Since that time, Schubert has been concentrating on top-fermented beer – a guarantor of success, as shown by their special Staffelsee Hefeweizen on the occasion of the brewery's hundredth anniversary.

Hefeweizen, or Weißbier, also forms part of the Griesbräu's range of beers, but here, the types of beer vary with the seasons: from the Griesbräu Maerzen and the Drachenblut (Dragon's Blood) to their Indian Pale Ale (IPA). Michael Gilg presents the amber nectar in a surprising and innovative fashion, thus demonstrating its versatility. That is because no two beers are alike.

You can obtain information on the programme and dates directly on breweries' website or in our Calendar of Events (only available in German).

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